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Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 15: Why You Need a Wedding Video with Jake and Kylee Photo and Video


We all know wedding photography is such an important part of having a regret free wedding, but what about wedding videography? So often it’s overlooked but tune in today because I’m here with Jake and Kylee to tell you why you actually really want to have a wedding video.


How Jake and Kylee Got Started

Jake and Kylee are a photographer and videographer team. And one of their favorite pastimes when they first got married was to take a tripod to an epic location and take pictures of themselves. Kylee always wanted to work into the wedding industry and Jake always has been into film. So being able to use their passions and work together is a dream.


Their Passion

Jake and Kylee are really passionate about meeting new people and love all the people they get to meet and the amazing places they get to go. And they love capturing people’s love and being with them on the most important day of their life.

Often wedding videography is overlooked but Jake and Kylee Photo and Video brought amazing insight into why a wedding video is so important. Videos bring the photography to life. Videos allow the couple to relive those moments and emotions with so much more emotion when you can actually see it combined with the audio from the day and inspiring music. They love the fact that people can relive it. Kylee is the photographer and she cannot say enough of how important video is. And it really preserves special memories and relationships. A lot of people regret not having invested in a videographer.



Jake and Kylee’s Tips for Videography


1. Timing. 

Jake and Kylee’s top tip for couples is timing. It’s important to coordinate with your videographer just like you would your photographer. Give them a really detailed breakdown so they don’t miss anything. Moments on your wedding day only happen once! Also plan time for couple shots in prime lighting and a good location. Include your videographer in everything just like you would your photographer.


2. Good lighting.

Leave time for photos in good light.


3. Make the ceremony really personal.

Have an officiator you know and tell them to try to make the ceremony really personal – telling stories about the couple or how they met or what the bride likes about the groom and vice versa. It adds a ton to the video.


4. Have a first look moment.

They wish every bride and groom would have a first look moment either on the day of or a few weeks before for the groom to see the bride in her dress for the first time, rather than the typical seeing the bride walking down the aisle because it’s so much more personal and you can really express your emotions without being distracted by the crowd. And the groom will still be emotional as his bride is coming down the aisle. And it’s such a good time for you to slow down and spend that moment together before the rest of the day begins.


5. Video editing is much more time intensive than photo editing.

Just plan on that from your videographer. It’s worth it because your videographer is crafting the best video they can for you.



Remember your vendors are investing so much in their equipment and overall experience for you. They charge what they do to give you the best experience possible. And appreciate your vendors!



How to choose a wedding videographer:


Go for quality rather than a certain price point. You shouldn’t have to tell your vendors step by step but rather be able to trust their work if they’re high quality. Don’t waste your money on something cheaper that ends up being not worth it at all. It’s worth extra to get quality.


pick someone whose style you like


Big Takeaways

If you go with someone cheaper and you don’t even like your wedding video, what was the point? This is an investment for the rest of your life. You want quality over whatever price you think you should be paying. You should be able to trust your vendors.





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Why You Need a Wedding Video with Jake and Kylee Photo and Video

March 30, 2021


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