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One of the hardest parts about pictures is deciding what everyone is going to wear! Right?! I’ve been there – laying out countless combos on the bed, sifting through everyone’s closets – it can be stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming. But I want your experience to be just the opposite! Laid back, stress free, and fun – and creating that climate starts even before the session starts. So I’m going to share a few tips on what to wear for pictures that will hopefully make your experience much more enjoyable right from the start.


Don’t try to match exactly, coordinate instead.

I totally used to think this was what I should do and it definitely makes sense! You want to make everyone look nice together so you try to match exactly. But it actually looks so much better when you coordinate instead. So rather than everyone in black shirts with jeans, think more about colors that look nice together.



Choose classic colors that match your style and décor.

You want your pictures to be timeless and classic, so that you don’t look back later and think, “We really wore mint and hot pink?!” (True story for me and my husband ????) So sticking to more neutral tones or softer colors is usually a good idea. With that being said, if you love bright colors, go for it! Most of all you just want to choose colors that are your style. Keep in mind, these pictures will be hanging on your wall, so it’s always good to think about the style and color tones of your home décor and try to choose outfits that will make the pictures fit right in.


Be careful with patterns. No characters or logos.

I love patterns. Florals, plaids, you name it. And they definitely look so good in photos. However, you have to be careful with patterns. If you can imagine all the boys with different plaid shirts and all the girls in floral dresses – it would get pretty crazy and distracting real quick. Limiting patterns to one or a few people will help your photos keep the focus on what matters – you! And pictures are not a time for your favorite Batman t-shirt (although I’m sure it’s a winner ????) or a noticeable logo because we want to keep your photos classic and timeless.



Dressy is best!

If you’re deciding between the dress or the jeans, choose the dress! Photos are a fun time to dress up more than you usually would. If you opt for jeans or something more casual, choose a dressier shirt. And your shoes matter! My husband wore tennis shoes to our engagements ???? (I’ve learned a lot – I promise). Avoid athletic shoes unless they are very nice and classy or really, really, really match your style. If you have dressy shoes, find an outfit that looks nice with those and wear that. If you don’t have nicer shoes, let your photographer know so they can plan accordingly!


Consider background.

It’s always a good idea to think about what setting your pictures will be taken in. If you’re taking snowy engagements, wearing something darker that makes you stand out is a great idea. The main point is, you don’t want to get lost in your background, so try to choose colors that are different. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the background for your session from your photographer.


Be mindful of where people will be standing.

If you have a family photo session coming up, be mindful of who will usually be next to who. This way you can avoid having two with the same color on right next to each other. Another reason why coordinating and not matching exactly is so helpful!


Stay confident and comfortable!

The last thing you want for your photo session is for your outfit to make you feel awkward. Actual comfort is important. At LKP our photo sessions are fun and playful, so wear something that is comfortable! Keep in mind how easy your outfit is to maintain. You don’t want to be worrying about tugging and pulling your outfit to keep modest while trying to also relax and take genuine pictures. Most of all, I want you to feel 100% confident in what you have on. Choose that outfit that makes you feel like the stunner you are. Even if the other dress is “prettier”, wear the one that you feel most beautiful in.


Ask your photographer!

Photographers take pictures all the time. For a living actually! We see a wide range of outfit choices and have great knowledge, tips, and advice on what creates stunning pictures. If you’re not sure about your outfit options, send your photographer a few pictures and let them help.


Make it you!

All these suggestions are great, but the most important thing you can do is make your outfits you. Wear what you love. Your pictures are a reflection of the fun, beautiful, unique person you are. So don’t feel a need to be someone you’re not. If neon green pants, a concert shirt, and pink Vans are your thing, I’m not going to stop you. Make it you, be confident and relaxed, and you will love your photos.



What to Wear For Pictures

September 28, 2018


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