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One of the greatest things you can do to prepare for any photo session is relax. Getting to a photo session usually is a little stressful. Getting your hair and makeup all ready, coordinating outfits – by the time you arrive, it’s not uncommon to be a little short with each other and a little on edge. But it’s really hard to capture happy, candid, genuine photos when your genuine feelings are not happy or loving.


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You can literally wear a baggy t-shirt, have on no makeup, and your pictures can still look amazing. Because the secret to an amazing photo is what you’re feeling in that moment. If you’re feeling grouchy, you’ll look back on those photos with little to no fondness. If you’re feeling so happy, then you’ll look back on those photos and love them. Think about it. Isn’t that why you love pictures on a family vacation or doing something you love? It has nothing to do with what you have on and only a little to do with how you look and pretty much everything to do with how you feel.


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So, my biggest advice to prepare for a session is do everything you can to arrive in a good mood. If that means you’re 15 minutes late, then that is 15 minutes well spent. If you’re grouchy, take a minute to do something that will help whether that’s talking about it with your partner, grabbing a bite to eat, changing your outfit to something you feel more confident in even if it’s not as “cute” or “photo worthy”.


You’ll love your pictures as much as you loved your time taking them. If you come happy, full of love, and ready to have a great time, the pictures will be amazing.


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Tips for coming relaxed:

  • Starting getting ready long before you think you actually need to
  • Do something fun together right before your session
  • Relax, take deep breaths
  • Eat
  • Don’t bottle your emotions – be open and talk about what is bothering you
  • Listen to music – especially romantic and/or upbeat music
  • Leave earlier than you think you need to – sometimes it’s nice to arrive before the photographer and just walk around together
  • Communicate your expectations and hopes with me beforehand so they’re off your chest
  • Bring anything you think you may want (coat, blanket, hairspray, bobby pins, lipstick, etc.) – if you’re debating, it never hurts to throw it in your car


Once you’re at the session, please communicate with me about anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable. It’s okay to say that a pose doesn’t make sense! It’s okay to tell me you’re worried that your hair is uncurling and you want to see if it needs fixing. Whatever, whenever. I want you to communicate anything you need to with me so that you can be totally relaxed.


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March 20, 2019


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