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Bride Guide #29 give you five reasons to consider getting your hair and makeup done by a professional for your wedding day by Utah photographer Lauren Kay Photography.


Alright, confession time. I have super curly hair (well, not anymore because I’ve had babies, but I used to). And I really like natural makeup that isn’t too over-the-top. When I got married, I didn’t feel like professional hair and makeup was important. I felt like no one knew how to style my hair and that if I got professional makeup done, it would be too much.


Maybe you’re totally planning on hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup. But maybe you’re not. I totally get it. You know someone who’s good at doing hair. You do your makeup all the time. You don’t trust anyone else to curl your hair. You don’t want to risk hating their work. Right? I feel you because that was totally me. But, here are the five truths you need to understand:



1. No one regrets it.

Everyone I know who has invested in professional hair and makeup is glad they did. If you find a professional that is your style and do the practice runs, I really, really don’t think you’ll regret it.


2. It’s worth the money.

They are professionals. They know how to make your hair and makeup last through hours of crying and laughing and hugging and dancing. They know what will look stunning in photos. You may have a friend or family member who is good at hair but they probably don’t know how to keep it looking stunning all day like a pro does. Plus, you can do your own makeup and hair every other day. It’s not everyday you get to be pampered like a princess and have your hair and makeup professionally done for you. Do it! It allows for a much more relaxing morning for you with a better finished product. These professionals are fast and talented at what they do. Let them handle it so that you can relax.


3. They don’t all go overboard.

I know a lot of brides who hesitate to hire a professional because they’re worried that the makeup artist will go crazy on their makeup. They want a more natural look. I agree! I love natural makeup and I have seen so many makeup artists pull it off amazingly. Whatever your style is, find a professional who consistently produces that type of work. If you want natural makeup, don’t go with an artist who consistently produces more dramatic looks. Just like photographers have a style, so do hair and makeup artists. Know what style you are booking. 


4. Communicate everything.

It is up to you to communicate everything to them. Tell your hair and makeup artists exactly what you’re wanting. If you want it natural, let them know. If you want glam, tell them! They will not know what style you’re going for unless you tell them. Let them know the general style of your wedding and what your dress looks like. Show them your hair and makeup, and maybe even all your wedding, inspiration. This will help them craft a look that is perfect for you. Also remember to tell them about any skin sensitivities you may have. And be honest. Your hair and makeup artists want you to feel gorgeous just as much as you do. That is their main priority. But they can’t read your mind. Be honest. Tell them you don’t like something. Have them tweak it until it is perfect. Don’t be afraid of offending them. That’s one of the bonuses of not having a friend or family member do it. It’s not mean to be honest.


5. You have to do a trial run.

I do not think this is optional. Before your wedding day I would absolutely recommend going in for a trial run on your hair and makeup. Your wedding day is not the time to find out that your curls fall out halfway through the day or that you hate that mascara or that the foundation gives you rashes. If you are paying to have your hair and makeup professionally done, this is not an optional part. Pay the extra to do a trial run. Time each trial run so that you know how much time to set aside on the morning of your wedding day. And make sure you use the actual products you are going to use on your wedding day so that you don’t have a last minute reaction on the big day.





You’ll need to have your hair and makeup done for your formal photo session as well. And if you can, it’s nice to have it done for your engagements too!


Keep in mind…

Every hair and makeup style that you’re pinning has been done by a professional.



Get eyelash extensions done a week or so before your wedding instead of doing fake eyelashes. That way your eyelashes will look great during your honeymoon too, rain or shine.


Did you know?

You may feel like your makeup is overboard, but as a Utah photographer, I’ve learned that in pictures it looks amazing. I know brides who have felt like they had too much makeup on but in the pictures it looked absolutely incredible. Makeup artists know what photographs well.


Budget Tip:

I recommend that whenever possible you pay to have your hair and makeup done by a professional that is your style. But your budget is important. If this is just not an option because of your budget, find a trusted friend, family member, or beginning artist. Ask them to do your hair and makeup and then do multiple trial runs. See what happens to your hair after hours. See how well your makeup stays on. Practice with them over and over until you get it just right.

I do not recommend doing your own hair and makeup because it’s nice to leave that to someone else so that you can relax. But, if you are very talented, absolutely love the way you look when you do it yourself, and feel that you would do it best, go for it. But practice, practice, and practice again until you are sure you can nail your look and keep it lasting all day. 



As a Utah Photographer, see my favorite hair and makeup artists here!

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Utah Photographer | 5 Reasons To Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

May 13, 2020


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