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Utah Wedding Photos in the Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 14: All Things Engagements, Bridals, and Wedding Day Photography continued



Wedding Day Photography


How much of your wedding day should you have photographed? What about those hours of dreaded group photos? Don’t worry, we’ll get to all of that.


When you plan a wedding intentionally and add meaning at every step, I truly believe you will want every moment photographed. That’s why the only package I offer is a full wedding day coverage package. From getting ready to the exit, I don’t think there is a moment worth missing when you plan it right. So, I recommend hiring your photographer for the entire day.


And those dreaded group shots? When you truthfully have only invited those closest to you, they no longer are dreaded! Each person there is someone you want to have a picture with. Plus, less people means less time taking posed pictures and more time enjoying the moment. You can take these pictures right after the sealing or ceremony or you can work them into a later time in the day at your celebration.


Communicate with your photographer before your wedding day about all the moments and details you want captured so that you can breathe easy on your wedding day knowing that you are in good hands.


Utah Wedding Day Photography Tips

1. Get all the details you want photographed out to your photographer beforehand.

2. Ask to see the shot list and tweak it to be exactly what you want, then let your photographer know.

3. Let your photographer know all of the moments you definitely want captured. And any that you don’t.

4. Print your pictures! If your pictures are only left online, you’ll never look at them.

5. Invest in an album. I was certain I would make my own wedding album and never did. It usually is more expensive and time consuming to make your own album than it is worth. If you cannot afford a professional album, use a simple program like Chatbooks or Shutterfly to create an album.

6. Order prints. It doesn’t cost very much to go get prints and put them in your frames. Let all of the money you invested in good photography go to good use.

If you choose to only do pictures on your wedding day, here are my tips:

Do a first look and bride and groom photos.

Before you go to the temple or before your ceremony, do a first look with a few bride and groom photos following. First looks are such an intimate time between the two of your groom can enjoy you without feeling the pressure to react for a crowd. 

Make pictures a priority.

You will still want to have a formal session of sorts. If you choose not to do formal pictures beforehand, carving out an hour or two on your timeline during sunset for husband and wife photos is a must.



Today’s big takeaway: 

The secret to amazing photos is how you’re feeling in that moment. Pictures are really just a reflection of how you feel. They capture emotions, not just what you see. That is why I care so much about helping you create a beautiful wedding day and not just capturing it. If you love how you feel, you’ll love your photos.


Reach out to learn more about the LK wedding experience.



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Top Tips for Meaningful Utah Wedding Photos

March 29, 2021


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