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Alex and Josh have one of the cutest stories I’ve heard as a Salt Lake Utah wedding photographer. Alex’s friend mentioned Josh in passing and Alex decided to do her research. 😉  She looked him up and later saw him on the Mutual app. They went on their first date and played pickleball, got slurpees, […]

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July 31, 2020

Alex + Josh | Salt Lake Utah Wedding Photographer

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These Snowbasin Utah formals were a DREAM. Jack and Keirra didn’t tell me before that they were models… but they definitely must be. Just scroll down and you’ll know what I mean. 😍   Keirra is absolutely, incredibly gorgeous. As I was editing, I kept thinking she looked just like Moana except even more beautiful. Holy […]

Love Stories

July 7, 2020

Jack + Keirra | Snowbasin Utah Formals

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One of my favorite parts of being a Salt Lake City wedding photographer is definitely meeting couples like Heidi and Jacob. Holy smokes. They are gorgeous, perfect together, and have the personalities to back it all up! I just love these two!   Heidi and Jacob met as Freshman at BYU. They had mutual friends […]

Love Stories

April 29, 2020

Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer | Heidi + Jacob

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Layton Utah Wedding Photographer It took moving to an entirely different state for these two to find each other… even though they were from the same hometown. It’s funny how that works! One of Emily’s roommates had gone to high school with Michael. So Michael was introduced to Emily and they just hit it off. […]

Love Stories

February 12, 2020

Layton Utah Wedding Photographer | Emily + Michael Bridals

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She walked up slowly behind him. Her beaded, white train trailing behind her. Shivering a little from the cold, but even more from anticipation. Her hand raised as she tapped him on the shoulder. Like slow motion, he turned around. His eyes locked on her. And the tears instantly welled up. He pulled her close […]

Love Stories

October 26, 2019

ShaeLyn + Stephen Formals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Utah Wedding Photographer Lauren Kay Photography
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Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer They swayed back and forth. Snuggled so close, nose to nose. Just swaying. Oblivious to the few people still left around them. We had just finished family portraits and I was taking a few quick pictures of just Karly and Matheson. Now officially Mr. and Mrs. I had asked them to […]

Love Stories

August 3, 2019

Karly + Matheson | Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer

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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer Hannah and Doug met on Mutual and they realized they both worked at the Dining Services at USU! They started dating and hit it off. After Institute one day, Doug and Hannah went on little walk to the “A” where there were candles (quickly being re-lit by a faithful roommate, wind.. […]

Love Stories

May 22, 2019

Hannah + Doug | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

lauren kay photography logan utah wedding photographer
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I love Trevor and Sam. So. Much. They have been some of the greatest champions for my journey as a Logan Utah Wedding Photographer. Like the one time they dressed up to do a styled shoot with me in the middle of February and were such good sports about their fingers and ears gradually turning […]

Love Stories

March 6, 2019

Logan Utah Wedding Photographer | Trevor and Sam

logan utah wedding photographer lauren kay photography
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Olivia and Tanner are such a gorgeous couple! They were the sweetest and agreed to get dressed up again in their beautiful wedding dress and suit so that I could try my hand as a Logan Utah bridal photographer with them. It’s always nice to have an excuse to get dolled up and wear your […]

Love Stories

January 16, 2019

Logan Utah Bridal Photographer | Olivia and Tanner

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