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Question: “Why don’t I get all the images from my photoshoot back?”


Answer: My husband used to think the same thing! I didn’t understand why the photographer didn’t just send me all the photos they took back to me. They took them, I wanted them, so why not? I’ve come a long way.


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Trust me, you don’t want all the images. I’ve been given all the images before and it is a pain. No one wants to sort through hundreds or even thousands of photos to find the best ones! Think about it, are you going to hang pictures on the wall of you blinking? Or making an awkward face? Probably not.


A helpful comparison is a movie. People don’t want to watch a movie with only raw shots. It would be incredibly disjointed, there would be no music, and most of it would have a green screen in the background rather than the scenic views you see on the final edit. Likewise, you really don’t want your raw photos that haven’t been sorted through and edited.


logan utah wedding photographer


You really can trust your photographer. They know what looks good and what looks awkward. You can trust that they will choose the photos that flatter you and tell your story – and if you can’t trust that, then you probably want to choose a different photographer. Sorting through hundreds of images and picking the best ones is a part of our job, and we’re happy to do it so that you don’t have to.


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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer | Why You Don’t Get Every Image

March 27, 2019


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