Hey, I'm Lauren.

I'm an Idaho raised, Utah girl and wife to the love of my life, mama to two beautiful baby girls, girl boss with an amazing team supporting me, wedding podcaster and coach, believer and follower of Christ, and, of course, a wedding photographer!

I love telling love stories, uplifting and encouraging, and sharing what I know because sharing is caring! 

I love every type of session because capturing moments is really what I love! There’s nothing like capturing a new mom and dad holding their precious baby. And little families with young kids are some of my favorite – kids’ genuineness and fun playing is priceless. The love and adventure of giddy couples is so fun. And celebrating a marriage as a wedding photographer is beyond beautiful.

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It’s hard for me to say which type of session I love to do the most. Overall I love capturing genuine moments of couples and families. Real moments that capture a story. But, If I had to choose one, I would say weddings are my favorite. Even though I haven’t been the lead photographer at a wedding yet, I love being a part of them.

My own wedding was far from what I actually wanted. When I planned it, I thought I was planning it just the way I wanted, but in retrospect, my focus was very off of what really mattered. So when I tell people I eventually want to do weddings, they usually respond with something to the effect of “that’s where the money is”. But for me that’s not the point. That’s where my heart is. I love to serve and help other people. I feel like I have a very unique perspective on weddings because mine WASN’T what I dreamed of. I want to help brides through the whole process make their day truly what they are their groom have always wanted – no matter their budget. Marriage is beyond beautiful and I love being able to be a part of capturing such an eternally significant and beautiful moment.


wedding photographer

Every wedding I’ve helped photograph is a memory I cherish! I love getting to know these amazing couples who are starting their family together. And every aspect of a wedding I find so beautiful – the grandma hugs and kisses after the ceremony, the little kids dancing, the crying as your dad gives his speech, the gorgeous details, and especially the giddy and beautiful love of a couple who just became a family.


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Second Shooting with Rachel and Karli

Logan Utah Wedding Photographer | My Favorite Session

November 16, 2018


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