Hey, I'm Lauren.

I'm an Idaho raised, Utah girl and wife to the love of my life, mama to two beautiful baby girls, girl boss with an amazing team supporting me, wedding podcaster and coach, believer and follower of Christ, and, of course, a wedding photographer!

I love telling love stories, uplifting and encouraging, and sharing what I know because sharing is caring! 

I graduated college with a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. I’ve never taken a photography class at a school EVER – not even in high school because my high school didn’t have one. I’d only ever used a point and shoot camera or a phone until two years ago when I bought my first DSLR. And I had NO IDEA what I was doing.


So I started learning all I could. Webinars, joining photog groups, seeking out other photographer’s coaching, countless blog posts and google searches, and tons of practice. I literally went from knowing nothing about photography (what’s aperture?) to feeling confident enough to start charging for my services.


How? Education! Just because I had graduated college didn’t mean I was done learning, so I dived into learning all I could about photography.



Some of my favorite photography resources were and are:


Once I started to feel like I was understanding my camera and the basics of photography, I felt so at a loss for how to market myself. I’m not a natural marketer. I’m that person who did fundraisers and constantly said, “I don’t want to pressure you” or “If you don’t want it, that’s totally fine” or any variation of that. I hate being pressured and so I hate feeling like I’m pressuring people to buy things!


I also was feeling so bogged down by the backend of my business. All the details of running a business were exhausting me and I felt lost and like all the time I was putting in wasn’t paying the dividends I was hoping for.


One of my very favorite (and free!) resources is the Goal Digger Podcast. This stuff is gold. I have learned SO much from her wisdom and expertise.


Logan Utah Photographer


I also took a big leap early on and used most of the money I had earned to invest in education, and I don’t regret it. I love Kylee Ann Studios – their work, their authenticity, their education – so I decided to invest in a marketing and business course. It is awesome. As a person who doesn’t like to be salesy, I love her approach to marketing. One of the biggest game changers for me was finding my purpose. Whatever your endeavor, you have to know what your purpose is, what sets you apart, why you’re unique, and then the growth comes.


Note: She now offers that course as well as other courses as a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time or stay in to see new content – so worth it if you’re looking for ways to improve your photography and/or any business.


Education has been such a game changer for me. Not even just in my business, but it’s blessed my life in other ways too. Whatever you’re doing, make your goal to learn all you can! I still have so much to learn and I can never learn too much.


Logan Utah Wedding Photographer | Education is Key

April 10, 2019


Sharing is caring

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