Hey, I'm Lauren.

I'm an Idaho raised, Utah girl and wife to the love of my life, mama to two beautiful baby girls, girl boss with an amazing team supporting me, wedding podcaster and coach, believer and follower of Christ, and, of course, a wedding photographer!

I love telling love stories, uplifting and encouraging, and sharing what I know because sharing is caring! 

A session with me is fun, relaxed, and candid. I know that a photograph is really just capturing the emotions you’re feeling in that moment, so I do all I can to make it a great experience. Before every session, I cover a few things to help educate and put you at ease:


  • I love candid moments. I also love not feeling confused.
    • Have you ever been to a photo session where you just did strictly posed shots? Or, on the other hand, have you ever been to a photo session where the photographer didn’t give you enough direction and you were left feeling a little confused about what to do? I try to avoid both. I love candid moments. But I also know it can be hard to be candid when you’re in front of a camera. That’s why I direct. Most of the shots won’t be strictly posed and will rather be direction on things you can do. Then I capture the candid moments while you do them – like dancing for example.

logan utah engagement photographer


  • We still get those posed shots.
    • I am a sucker for candid shots, but I also know it’s important to get those ones of you both looking at the camera. We’ll be sure to get a few of those too.


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  • Don’t look at me.
    • You didn’t come to take pictures with me. You came to capture the love you have with your sweetheart or family. So don’t look at me! Look at them. Look wherever is natural. You’re here to tell your story, not to stare at me – even though I’m pretty awesome. 😉 I’ll always let you know when I want you to look at the camera.


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  • Smile a lot.
    • Have fun. When we’re doing candid shots, remember to still smile (not like below ;)! If you’re talking to each other, keep a smile on your face. Be natural, but remember that I’m snapping shots of you still.


logan utah wedding photographer


  • Show me the connection!
    • The littlest things go the longest way. So during the session, I want you to be thinking about how you can visually communicate the love you have for your sweetheart or family. Standing stiffly next to each other has a totally different feel than snuggling up close and leaning your head on their shoulder – little things go such a long way.



  • Let me know if there’s something you want me to watch out for.
    • I always ask if there’s something you want me to pay attention to. Maybe it’s squinty eyes, or you like a certain side of your face, or you feel awkward about your hands. Let me know if there’s any details you want me to keep a special eye out for.


logan utah wedding photographer


  • You can pitch in!
    • If there’s a certain pose or shot you’re envisioning or really hoping to get, please tell me! If you’re anything like me, I always have one or two shots I really want to walk away from a session with. Don’t keep those a secret. I want to know! I’m also happy to look at a Pinterest board or other shots you’re hoping for if you want to send it to me beforehand.


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More than anything, I want you to have a great time, be confident, relax, and trust me – I will capture some amazing images of you.


Logan Utah Photographer

Logan Utah Photographer | Session With Me

April 3, 2019


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