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Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 13: Why Wedding Photography is Worth the Investment with Ashlyn Stott Photography


Wedding photography often carries a higher price tag but today we’re chatting with one of my favorite wedding photographers, Ashlyn Stott Photography, about how it’s truthfully an investment, plus so many other good tips. 


How Ashlyn Got Started

Ashlyn got into photography when she got her first camera at 8 and it’s always been a passion. She loves that she can freeze a moment in time. 


Her Passion

Her passion when it comes to photography is that a photo can freeze a moment and emotion in time and she loves being able to document life and those memories for others.


Ashlyn’s Tips for Choosing a Photographer

Wedding photography is an investment and that’s something I didn’t understand as a bride so Ashlyn was on today sharing with us her expert advice on why wedding photography is so important. 


See it as an investment. 

It’s totally normal to see photography as another thing to check off the box. But besides your new spouse, your photos are one of the few things you get to keep from your wedding day so it’s so important to see it as an investment. And if you look at it as something to get a discount on, that’s the type of experience you’ll have but if you see it as an investment you’ll be able to find a photographer that will get you your dream photos.


Dig deep.

Ashlyn’s biggest tips to brides is to look past their instagram, at all of their work so you know what you’re getting. This is someone you’re going to spend a lot of time with so ask questions and dig a little deeper to find someone you’re going to have fun with and also someone who knows what they’re doing.


How to choose a wedding photographer:

Find a few you love and reach out 

Once you find them and reach out for general pricing, check out all their work, how they work with different types of lighting, see if they’re professional, ask them to send galleries, and ask questions.


Big Takeaways

A good photographer can really capture the emotion of those special moments and that’s something you can hold on to forever and feel forever. And just remind you of the happiest day of your life and how in love you are.





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Investing In Wedding Photography With Ashlyn Stott Photography

March 23, 2021


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