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Bride Guide #19 is all about how to pick the perfect wedding date by Utah wedding photographer Lauren Kay Photography.


When to Get Married

Choosing the perfect wedding date actually starts with deciding when you even want to get married. Do you wait until summer? Do you do it in the middle of a semester? 


Here’s my first-hand two-bits. A relationship is like a plant. Oh, yes, we’re breaking out the analogies friends. A relationship is like a plant. A potted plant. When a plant is in a pot it can grow and flourish. But only to a point. There comes a time when the plant needs to be planted in the ground so it can grow to its maximum potential. If you keep the plant in the pot past its prime, the plant will start to wither and eventually die. If you put your plant in the ground before it’s ready, it won’t be able to withstand what comes its way.


You catching on? Deciding when you are ready to get married is a personal decision between you, God, and your groom. And if you really take a minute to think and introspect, you will know when you should get married. If you stretch your dating or engagement on longer than the two of you know you should, your relationship will start to decline. It’s only once you get married, and are planted in the ground, that you can truly flourish. If you plant your marriage before you are ready, you may struggle a lot. Don’t rush it. Don’t string it along. Follow what you know is right for you. 


With 100% confidence, I know a wedding can be planned in a matter of days or a matter of months. Yes, days. Don’t let the norm of needing a long engagement hold you back from doing what works best for you two as a couple and for your relationship as a whole.


Ask yourselves…

When do we both feel like we need to get married?



Date and Time


I see so many couples who choose the date and time for their wedding based on when everyone else can make it. When you are choosing when (and where for that matter) to get married, I want you to start with the two of you. You’re going to hear that a lot. Start with you two. What works best for your schedules and lives? Then make sure the people you absolutely must have at your wedding are available that day. Then check with the temple and/or venue. It might take a couple tries to find a day and time that works best. But once you have a date and time that meets those criteria, let others know and stick to it. Some people won’t be able to make it no matter when or where you do it. The important thing is that it is what works best for you and your groom.


Did you know…

  • Sometimes venues are cheaper on weekdays or off-seasons.
  • Pictures look best at sunrise or sunset.


Ask yourselves…

What date and time is best for us?

Are our must-have people available?

Is the temple and/or venue available?

Our date and time is:



How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

December 5, 2019


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