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I don't do newborn sessions with props or strange positioning. I do lifestyle sessions where the baby is held by parents or laid on the bed.

Do you do posed newborn sessions?

I want your pictures to look amazing too! I also can't control the weather. I believe in making it amazing for you rain or shine. However, if the weather would make it awful for your family or put any of us in danger, we can reschedule!

What if the weather is bad?

Oh boy, I hope this never happens! But if there were an emergency where I was unable to make it to your session I would do everything in my power to find a replacement photographer with a similar style and cost if it is a birth or fresh 48 session. For all other sessions, we would reschedule!

What if You can't make it to our session?

I will always try to reschedule with you if I can. If you have already paid the retainer fee, it is legally non-refundable. Any payments that have been made after the retainer may be refunded. 

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

I'd be happy to come up with a custom quote for your needs if one of the packages doesn't work for you.

Do you have any other packages?

If you're my sibling or parent, then yes!

Do you offer discounts?

Currently I don't offer payment plans. I strongly believe in staying out of debt. However, if my services aren't in your budget, I'd be happy to refer you to another photographer who is.

Do you have payment plans?

A retainer fee is due upon booking. It's 50% of your total package cost. The other 50% is due on the day of your session. If you decide to add on something later like more coverage, prints, albums, etc. those are due one week after you receive the invoice.

How does payment work?

YES. I'm married to a pilot and I love traveling. Travel within 25 miles of Layton, UT (one-way, so 50 miles total) is included. If you don't use all your travel for one session, you can apply it toward the other. Any travel outside of that is extra. I usually charge travel at a rate of $50/hour for driving. If I need flights, transportation, lodging, etc. I'll book all of my own accommodations and give you a quote before before I book anything to make sure there are no surprise costs for you! Once I've booked my accommodations, the reimbursement for them is due within one week of your receiving the invoice. Totally contact me for a specific quote for any travel! 

Do you travel? And How do your travel costs work?

If they are close enough that we can get good lighting at both, then yes!

Can we Go to multiple locations?

Baby snuggles - right after birth, Fresh 48 - within 48 hours of birth unless there are complications then I'm flexible, Lifestyle Newborn - usually within the first week or two after birth. For any new baby sessions and the family journal session, midday is usually best for lighting. For all other sessions, I usually do them weekday evenings an hour or two before sunset.

When do we do our sessions?

Most sessions are around 1 hour but we go at your family's pace. Journal sessions are typically 2-4 hours and mini sessions are around 20 minutes. I don't really put a time limit on sessions, except minis, because we just go until we've captured everything we need to.

How Long is Each Session?

For baby snuggles and fresh 48, at the hospital. For lifestyle newborn, I recommend your bedroom or the baby's room in your home. For the family journal session, I come to your home. Full family sessions can be in your home or I recommend you choose somewhere meaningful to your family or somewhere gorgeous! I do studios as long as you cover the cost of the studio, but really your home doesn't have to be picture perfect. It's perfect because it is a part of your story! If you don't have any ideas, I have plenty. Mini sessions take place somewhere I decide.

Where do we do our sessionS?

Layton, Utah! That's up to you! There are amazing locations by me and I also love to travel. Contact me and we can decide what would be the best fit for you.

Where are you based out of? DO WE COME TO YOU OR DO YOU COME TO US?

This is where I come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of the birth and capture those precious moments of you with your baby. Siblings are welcome.

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

This is a session where I come in right after your baby is born and capture those super precious moments like skin-to-skin, dad holding the baby for the first time, etc. I don't offer a traditional "birth story" session where the entire birth is documented, only the moments directly following the birth.

What is a Baby snuggles session?

I totally understand that everyone has different comfort levels with getting their pictures taken, that's why I'll pose you and your family however you need! I like to do very relaxed, candid poses but if you want it to be more structured, let me know.

What if we're nervous about posing?

I will send you a guide with tips about what to wear and how to plan for your session!

What do we wear?

I don't offer heavy editing like slimming weight, removing double chins, removing blemishes, removing distractions in the background, whitening teeth, smoothing skin, swapping faces or other objects, etc. However, if you are planning on printing a canvas, large print, etc. let me know and I can arrange a custom quote for additional retouching and editing.

Can you photoshop us?

I don't think you should have to wait AGES for your pics, so I'm pretty quick. You'll always get images from a session within 3 weeks from the session. If you need them back sooner, you can request that for an additional fee when you book.

How Fast do we get our pics back?

Yes! With your gallery you get access to my high-quality print shop where you can order prints or design your own album. If you would like me to design an album, contact me and I can give you a custom quote.

Do you offer prints or albums?

You'll get the edited, high-resolution images in a professional online gallery. From there you can download, print, and share them! In the gallery, you also have access to my high-quality print shop.

How Do we get our pics back?

I don't offer RAW image files. Think of it like a movie. You don't want to watch it before scenes have been clipped and music added and all that jazz. Editing is a HUGE part of what I do and adds so much to each photo. I include all the important moments and spare you all the blinking and blurry photos. If you feel like I missed something, totally let me know and I'll see if I have any images of it.

Can We have all the unedited (RAW) picS?

Every session is so different. But I guarantee you'll get at least 40 images per hour of coverage at minimum. It's usually waaaaay more than that. Don't stress, I always include all the moments worth including.

How many images do We get?

As soon as you can! The earlier you book the more availability I have. I book sessions months in advance to as little as a few days in advance.

How soon should we book?

Just head to my contact page and send me a little message with the details you have so far. Then I'll answer any questions you may have. Once you're ready, I'll send you the invoice and contract. Once the 50% retainer is paid and the contract signed electronically, you're booked!

How do we book?

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