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Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 8: Choosing Your Wedding Style and Colors | Utah Wedding


Have you ever tried to plan a party without an overall theme in mind first? It’s basically impossible. That’s why it’s SO important when planning your Utah wedding to choose an overall wedding style first before you make any other decisions. 


Deciding an overall wedding style FIRST is so important. Before choosing your dress, venue, etc because if you choose a style first then it makes all your other choices easier, more obvious, and more straightforward. It gives you direction. It allows you to keep all the details cohesive and communicate better with vendors.


There are so many different styles: Modern, Classic, Traditional, Bohemian, Whimsical, Rustic, Country, etc. You can choose one style or have a unique combination of one or a few. It’s up to YOU and what you like. It’s worth the time investment to decide on a style first because it will save you time in the long run and will help your wedding feel so much better overall. If you don’t know what your vision is, no one else will either!


So how do you know? Make an inspiration board on Pinterest. Listen to the podcast to hear how to do this. Look online for different styles. Once you’ve nailed down your unique style, start searching that specifically. Don’t be afraid to be unique. If you love the trend do it. If you don’t, don’t. Do what is YOU. And keep in mind the season and do your best to embrace it. 


A big part of choosing a theme is the colors you choose. Colors again help it be cohesive and give your wedding a beautiful look. Just like home decor adds to a home, a cohesive wedding style and palette adds to a wedding. Here are five steps on how to choose your wedding colors:



1. Think about your overall wedding style and your venue.

What colors go well with your theme? You don’t have to do those colors but it is helpful to think about what usually looks good with your wedding style. Then picture your venue where you’re getting married or the one you dream of. What color scheme would look best with it? Choose a scheme that will go nicely with your venue and goes well with your overall theme.


2. Look at home décor you love.

These pictures will be hanging in your home so what colors go good with the home décor you love? Go to Pinterest or a decor store like Hobby Lobby and see what home décor you love.


3. What are your favorite colors?

What’s your favorite color? What about your groom? Is there a way you can incorporate it nicely into your theme? Does it flatter you? You’ll want to choose colors that go well with your skin tone since this color will be all around you on your wedding day!


4. Choose a base and go from there.

I recommend having one base color and then adding as few or as many accents as you would like. When choosing the base, I recommend choosing something timeless. From there, you can stick with just the base, add gradients of the base color, complements of the base color, or accents that you think go nicely. How many colors though is truly up to you!


5. Explore your options.

You can do a simple black and white wedding, just greenery, a holiday theme, gradients of one color, or five totally different colors. There are so many options. Keep in mind your overall theme, explore the possibilities, and stick with your personal style.


Most of all with your style and colors. They don’t have to be something you will love forever. Styles change and colors come in and out of style. What really matters is how you feel. And if you love your wedding style on your wedding day and you love how you feel then when you look back those feelings will stay with you forever.


  • Make and inspiration board

  • Sit down and dream about your wedding day. What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Write down all the words that are coming to mind. Then look for similarities in those words. This can help you nail down your unique wedding style. For more on this, download the wedding workbook.

Color Scheme Quiz:

  1. I would describe my overall theme as:

  2. Colors I think go well with that theme:

  3. Colors that typically go with that theme:

  4. My two favorite colors:

  5. Two colors that flatter me most:

  6. My groom’s two favorite colors:

  7. I would describe my home décor style as:

  8. Home décor I like is usually: (three colors)

  9. We’re getting married in the: (season)

  10. Colors I think of when I think of this season are: (five colors)

 Look for reoccurring themes, choose a few sample palettes, then narrow it down to your favorite!




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The Regret Free Wedding Podcast | Utah Wedding


Episode 8 | Choosing Your Wedding Style and Colors | Utah Wedding

March 8, 2021


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