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Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 7: How to Choose a Jeweler with Forge Jewelry Works


Finding a good wedding ring jeweler can be a challenge. I loved having Rischelle from Forge Jewelry Works in Provo, Utah on with us sharing her expert advice and tips on all things wedding rings and choosing a good wedding ring jeweler. 


Rischelle and her husband at Forge Jewelry Works in Provo Utah are passionate about your love story. Theirs is the original love story and for them focusing on custom jewelry is a big part of what they do. 


A wedding ring is important because it’s been around forever and is an outward showing of you and your relationship and love story. At Forge, they are passionate about the ring and that it’s worn throughout your life every day, it tells a story, and shows other people you’re in a committed relationship. Forge Jewelry Works celebrates your unique love story and they want your jewelry to represent that.


On the podcast, I asked Rischelle from Forge Jewelry Works what they recommend for finding a wedding ring, and I love these four tips she shared:

  1. Explore your style.

  2. Find a good jeweler who reputable, knows what they’re doing, and will be around a long time.

  3. Try it on! You may think you love it in a photo and then it’s different on. So try it on.

  4. Know your budget and come in with that in mind and a good jeweler will help you find what you want within your budget.


As you can see, a good jeweler is important so I asked Rischelle what her top tip for choosing a good jeweler would be and I love her advice. Their number one tip is find a jeweler who is mostly interested in helping YOU find what you want rather than pushing what they’ve already purchased. Who wants to make you the center of the experience. You want someone who has good knowledge and experience in the industry and is reputable and will be around for a while. It’s also important to find a jeweler who is willing to work within your budget and has a good reputation. Shop around and try a few different jewelers!


Forge Jewelry and many jewelers offer different stone options to meet your style as well as budget needs, so look into those options as well. 


When you’re looking for your wedding ring, get what you want, don’t compromise! You’re getting jewelry that is meant to represent your love story. Really just enjoy the experience. Enjoy this time to celebrate your love. And bring something unique that represents your love story into your ring.

You can connect with Rischelle and Forge Jewelry Works here:

Website: Forge Jewelry Works

Instagram: @forgejewelryworks

Facebook: Forge Jewelry Works


** Homework:

Bring something unique that represents your love story into your ring.

When shopping around for jewelers, look for someone like Forge Jewelry Works who really cares about you.



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The Regret Free Wedding Podcast


Episode 7 | How to Choose a Jeweler Forge Jewelry Works

March 2, 2021


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