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Regret Free Wedding Planning Podcast: Episode 6: 10 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Ring for You


Hey guys, today we’re going to be talking all about rings. It is the first stop in wedding planning and so fun. First I want to take a sec to talk about the tradition behind rings. It helps make it so much more meaningful.


In ancient Egypt lovers would exchange rings on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that the fourth finger on that hand had a special vein that went straight to the heart. The circle symbolized their endless love for each other. Obviously the ring also signals to the rest of the world that you’re taken but I love learning that extra symbolism. 


Now with that understanding of the symbolism and the importance of a ring, I want to dive into my top ten tips for choosing your perfect ring:


1. Have fun.

My number one tip is to have fun. Ring shopping is one of my most poignant memories. Choose to slow down and enjoy the experience. Go on a date or dress up–make it special. 


2. Go shopping.

My second tip is to go shopping. Trying on rings is the best way to find your style. You may find that you might not actually love what you thought you would. It can help you find what you truly love. Have an open mind.  


3. Think Long + Timeless.

Tip number three is to think long term and timeless. If you love the style that is in now, go for it. I would just caution against going with a trend even if it’s not something you love. Make sure what you’re choosing is your style, what you love so that you will love it forever.


4. Talk about budget beforehand.

Tip number four is talk about your budget beforehand. Having a budget in mind sets you up for success. Your jeweler will also be able to help you better if they know the budget you’re trying to work within. There are so many different stone options that are more affordable than a traditional diamond. For someone tuning in that buying a wedding ring is not an affordable option; I suggest getting on somewhere like Etsy and find something that the metal is good quality and start with a starter ring.


5. Make it personal.

Tip number five is make it personal. Maybe that means that you and your groom are going to have matching wedding rings or you will have something engraved inside. Your wedding ring is going to symbolize something special to you.


6. Think about what you already love and wear.

Tip number six is think about what you already love and wear. When deciding what stone and metal you want, it’s helpful to look at what type of jewelry you already wear and love. You want your ring to complement your style. Again, be willing to try on new things you haven’t considered.


7. Consider lifestyle.

Tip seven, consider your lifestyle. You want your ring to make sense with your lifestyle. Make sure it is something you can wear with your everyday life activities. One specific thing to keep in mind is how easily it will scratch your kids or snag clothing. Guys usually want to get a durable metal that won’t scratch easily.


8. Ask questions and be firm.

Ask questions and be firm. Jewelers know so much. This is their profession! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also don’t be afraid to stand your ground. You get to decide what your budget is and what you want your ring to look like. I highly recommend working with jewelers who are not salesy and have your best interest at heart.


9. Take Care of All the Details.

Tip number nine is taking care of all the little details. Narrow down your unique style. Do you want something simple or elaborate? What stone do you want? What metal? Do you want to have an engagement ring and a wedding band or just an engagement band? Then size it.

Try on the sizing band when you are at a normal body temperature so it is the most accurate


10. Choose ring and love it.

My final tip is to choose your ring and love it. There are endless options. I recommend you stop looking and love the ring you have. I want to throw in the disclaimer that your style may change and that’s okay. Remember  your ring is a symbol. Of your love. Your commitment. It can be such a strength to you.


In the next episode Forge Jewelers Works will come on and share their expertise and knowledge with you about all things rings and jewelry. Thank you so much for tuning in on the Regret Free Wedding Planning Podcast.


** Homework:   

Our budget for our rings is:

What type of ring do I see myself wearing in 20 years?

What color and style of jewelry do I already wear?

What about my lifestyle should I keep in mind?

What questions for jewelers do I have?

Do we want our rings to match or coordinate?




Wedding band or no?


Personal touches or symbolism I want to add:


I would describe my ideal ring as:


(This is a great thing to tell your jeweler, or your groom if he’s picking it out!)




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Episode 6 | Choosing the Perfect Ring | Wedding Ring

March 2, 2021


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