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Deciding where to get married Utah in Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 10: Deciding When and Where to Get Married continued…


Where to Get Married

Where you’re from? Where he’s from? Where you’re living now? Where you’re going to end up? An exotic location? Deciding where to get married should be between the two of you. You don’t have to get married where you grew up. You don’t need to cater to others and where they live. We’ll talk about this later too but the people who you are inviting are people CLOSEST to you. They will do all the can to be there no matter where it is. I have flown and driven thousands of miles for weddings. The people who can make it will come.


Choose where you two want to get married. Maybe you’re envisioning your parents’ backyard. The summer breeze, the big patio lights, the setting sun. Or maybe you’re envisioning that gorgeous old mansion you’ve always dreamed of getting married in. When you choose your venue, I want you to remember this. Make it about the both of you. Choose somewhere you will both love and, where possible, somewhere that has meaning for both of you.


In the past there has been an expectation that a bride should get married in the town or temple she grew up closest to. Especially when the bride and groom are from very different places. Let’s bag this ladies. Right now, I want you to throw this idea out the window. I honestly hate the saying “it’s all about the bride” because although I agree that a wedding is largely something for the brides closure, I don’t like it when it gets blown out of proportion. It is not just about you anymore! This is about you as a couple. Where do you both want to get married? Where is meaningful to both of you? Where would it be most convenient, considering your wedding planning circumstances and where you currently live? Where are you planning on living long term? Do you want to be able to visit this temple or area later? How possible will that be? Choose a place that will be special for both of you forever. As you’re not asking ridiculous things of them family and friends will travel to be where you are.


Keep in mind what will be most convenient for planning. Even though this doesn’t need to be a deal breaker, it is so helpful to get married somewhere you are currently living close to. And it’s ALSO SO HELPFUL to keep your wedding events in the same place. Once you choose your temple, choose a venue and a wedding night hotel in that same area to minimize time driving.


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Where to Get Married in Utah or Anywhere

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Deciding Where to Get Married Utah or Anywhere

March 15, 2021


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