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Regret Free Wedding Podcast about choosing Utah wedding vendors: Episode 12: 10 Steps to Curate a Dream Team of Wedding Vendors


Choosing Your Vendors


1. Do your research.

In the next tips I’ll be walking you through how to do that but it is just so important to shop around and research your vendors so you know what kind of experience you are going to have from them.


2. Book early on!

The ones you love WILL book up so book now. You legit can book them before you’re for sure engaged if you already have a date! Or ask them before you choose a date like we talked about in episode 10.


3. Decide what is most important to you.

What are your top three? I so encourage photography to be one of them because photography is the one thing that lives on. In a survey I did where past brides talked about their regrets, photography was almost always something brides were either SO grateful they invested in or one of the biggest regrets for not investing in on their wedding day. Choose the top three things you care most about and make sure you get amazing vendors for that.


4. Their style.

Every Utah wedding vendor has a style. Look at their work! I can’t say this enough. Make sure you like how their work consistently looks and that they’ve created similar work as what you’d like to have.


5. Their personality.

This one is a must. They can be an incredible vendor but if you’re personalities don’t jive, find someone else. You don’t have space in your life for vendors who are adding more stress they should be taking it away.


6. Your Budget.

You definitely should stick to your budget. Although I don’t recommend skimping on a pro vendors, I know that your dream vendors might not be in your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask your them for referrals even if you can’t afford their services.


7. Their service and customer experience. 

Find vendors who care about you. Find someone who cares about your story and is dedicated to bringing YOUR vision to life the way it should be. Find someone who will go above and beyond for you and isn’t just there to cut a check. Find someone who 


8. Ask questions!! 

Do the consultations or facetimes or on the phone chats! You’ll be able to learn so much more about your vendors and if you’re going to work well with them from these visits. Get a feel for how knowledgeable they are and how easy they will be to work with.


Getting the best results from working with vendors:

9. communicate so freaking clearly and often. 

Let them know your wedding style like we talked about in episode 8. Honestly write down a paragraph of your style and what you’re envisioning for the feel and vibe of your wedding and send it to all your vendors. Be SO CLEAR about what you want and are expecting. I was so worried about offending someone that I hardly let anyone help me. People respect that this is your day! It’s okay to tell your hair stylist you don’t like your hair like that and they need to try again. It’s okay to tell your bridesmaid you really don’t like the dress she picked out. If you do it with kindness and grace, people will be understanding. Ask others for help, be very honest and clear about your expectations, and let them help and serve you. This applies to anyone you ask for help. Stay in touch and make sure you are communicating often throughout the planning process.


10. Let them work their magic. 

When you do your research and book amazingly talented, good Utah wedding vendors who have a heart of service, RELAX. They will take good care of you. Communicate your vision clearly but then sit back and let your vendors work their magic. Your bouquet might not look like all the bouquets you pinned. That is a good thing! That means it is completely and uniquely yours. Ask your photographer for a shot list beforehand and then don’t worry about it on the day!


If you aren’t able to spend more money on good vendors then you need to spend time researching good ones who are starting out. Good things never come without effort. Good vendors aren’t more expensive. THEY ARE MORE VALUE.

I know how tedious and exhausting it can be to find high-quality vendors you can trust. And sometimes the best ones are hard to find! I send all my brides my preferred vendors list. and honestly if you’re tuning in and are in Utah, legit just reach out to me cause I’ll send it to you. If you want your wedding to be incredible, you have to let people help you and you MUST invest in good vendors. Good things never come without effort.


Today’s big takeaway:

If you want your wedding to be incredible, you have to let people help you, communicate clearly, do your research, and invest in good vendors. Whether it’s time or money, good things never come without effort. Like Jacqueline said in episode 9 Curating a dream team of vendors is truly the key to executing a perfect wedding day


What are your top three things that matter most to you? Invest the most in those things!


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Creating a Dream Team of Utah Wedding Vendors

March 22, 2021


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