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Choosing a Utah Wedding Celebration Venue


1. How big is your party.

How many people are you inviting? That will be the first thing to consider when choosing your venue. You don’t want to be squishing everyone in, but you definitely don’t want it to be empty and feel as if no one is there. Choose a venue that is appropriate for the number of guests you have invited.


2. Time of year and day.

What is the time of year? If it’s a time when you can have your celebration outside in a backyard or out in nature, that is a beautiful and inexpensive option. It’s one of my favorites, honestly. If you do opt to have it outside, be aware of rain and other weather situations and have a backup plan. You’ll also want to consider, what time of day will your celebration be? Is it in the heat of the day? A fall evening when it’s chilly? The time of day is also an important factor to consider.


3. Budget.

You obviously can’t book a $10,000 venue if your entire wedding budget is $5,000. Keep your venue in your budget. And remember it is more important to spend money on yourself and your groom first. If needed, a home can really be a nice venue option and is completely free.


4. Churches aren’t free.

Yes it is usually free to have your celebration in a church. But, to decorate a church to make it look like a wedding? That costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can most likely book a venue with the money you would spend paying for a church to be decorated. Venues often are already nicely decorated with the basics so only a few decorations are needed.


5. The lighting.

As a photographer, I have to put in this plug. Lighting makes a huge difference. Venues like backyards, greenhouses, or places with big windows have such amazing lighting. If you want your photos to have natural light with minimal flash, choosing a venue with good lighting is a must.


And remember to keep in mind the style of the space. If it is one big open room or small closed rooms and if that works with that plans you have for your wedding and what you’re envisioning.


Remember to shop around. Don’t set your heart on a venue and don’t get discouraged. Venue prices range all over the board, so shop around! Ask the vendors you’re working with for recommendations. I totally ruled out venues thinking they would be too expensive so I didn’t even look into them. But, now I know how much they cost and they totally would’ve been within my budget. So shop, shop, shop.


When you get married when you feel is right for you, on the day and time that works best for you and for the people and vendors that you care most about at a place that you can envision being the backdrop for everything that’s going to happen on your wedding day, it is going to be so beautiful.



  • What are our options? (List them all out no matter how likely they are.)
  • Is this place meaningful for both of us?
  • Is it convenient for planning?
  • Is this where we both want to get married?
  • Do we want to be able to revisit this temple or venue? Will that be possible?
  • Budget?
  • Party size?

 Our location is:



  • When do we both feel like we need to get married?
  • What date(s) and time(s) are best for us?
  • Are our must-have people available?
  • Is the temple available?
  • Is the venue available?
  • Are our must have vendors available?

Our date and time is:


Read more about WHEN to get married here and deciding WHERE to get married here!



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Choosing a Wedding Venue Utah

March 15, 2021


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