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Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 11: Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue with River Bottoms Ranch


Your wedding venue is truly the backdrop for everything that happens on your wedding day. Today we brought on Janica at River Bottoms Ranch a gorgeous wedding venue in Midway, Utah to give us all the tips on choosing your dream wedding venue.


How Janica Got Started

Janica was a nurse for 17 years and ran her own company manufacturing clothing for a women’s  clothing line. And looking back, she realized each of those elements led into owning River Bottoms Ranch. They purchased the land with their original goal to create a gathering space for their family and  wanted to share it with other people. Their family is deeply rooted at River Bottoms and it’s such a special place to them. They built River Bottoms Ranch with weddings and events in mind so it wasn’t retrofitted at all but was made specially for that purpose.


Her Passion

Janica is most passionate about is the people. She’s so grateful for the opportunities she’s had to develop relationships with wedding vendors, their staff, and their clients. Such a special connection is created with each and every bride and she loves that.


Janica’s Tips for Choosing a Venue

It’s so important to have an excellent venue because the venue is the setting. You have to imagine yourself there and love it. It sets the backdrop for every event, photo, and moment on your wedding day. The space is so vital. And it also sets the precedence of the standard of service for the entire wedding experience.


1. You have to be able to see yourself celebrating there. 

Walkthrough all the events happening on your wedding day and see if you can imagine them in the venue and do you love that? Are there any places you need to hide? What are your important spaces? What spaces matter most for you?


2. Choose a venue that sets a high standard of service.

Do you work well the management and are they going to be able to meet your needs? The people in your wedding day can make or break it.


3. Look at your style.

Does it fit your style? This is huge. The general vibe needs to flow with what your overall design and style is. And you’ll know it. The moment you walk in the venue often you’ll just know it. Does it create the emotion and feel you’re imagining for your wedding day?


You also need to be okay with what your plan B, or backup plan, options are in case of bad weather. You have to be happy with what that day could look like as well.


Big Takeaways

Look at your venue as a blank canvas because there are so many things you can do to dress it up and you really are painting a picture that day. Can you get the picture and look and feel you want? Regardless of your budget? That’s what you’re looking for.


Break the Pinterest box and see more. At River Bottoms Ranch they love when you are creative and make your day so special by making it unique. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and your style and your love for each other. As long as you have a beautiful blank canvas, your picture can be whatever you want it to be.


Be confident. You don’t have to understand or be overwhelmed by the entire wedding process. Just take the next step. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Trust yourself and trust the good vendors you hire and your entire planning experience will be joyful, not just your day.


And let yourself feel excitement! Remember why you’re here and what you’re doing and imagine often how giddy you’ll feel. Enjoy the journey through the whole process.




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Choosing a Wedding Venue with River Bottoms Ranch

March 16, 2021


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