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Since starting my business as a Layton Utah wedding photographer, things have always been tight. Within a few months of each other, we were expecting our first baby and my husband changed his major in college to aviation. We were both students. And both of us worked a few hours a week at close to […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

July 22, 2020

10 Budget Hacks | Layton Utah Wedding Photographer

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Yep, you read that title right. I started out walking two miles. And seven months later, I ran a half marathon. And I am not a natural runner. AT ALL. The farthest I had ran in my life was a 5K. I was the person who set out to run a mile and was dyyyying […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

December 7, 2019

How I Went From Walking Two Miles To Running a Half

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I love being a Utah wedding photographer, and I’m grateful for so much more too. My hubby told me this super interesting fact he heard the other day.   One of the best ways to cope with feelings of anxiety and fear is to think of what you’re grateful for.   It has something to […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life, Real Talk

November 28, 2019

Gratitude Counters Anxiety | Utah Wedding Photographer

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I love to listen to music, but once I got married I kind of stopped. A lot of songs I loved were break-up songs and they made me feel irritated with my husband for no reason. Which is totally not okay! When I realized this, I stopped listening to music as much. But as a […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

October 28, 2019

Love Songs You Have To Hear | Northern Utah Photographer

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Boxes. Soooo many boxes. We moved again! And as a Utah wedding photographer, I’m glad this move isn’t taking us out of Utah.   I don’t know about you, but moving isn’t really on the top of my list of my favorite things to do ????. Especially the packing up and unpacking part. But through […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

October 22, 2019

5 Tips For An Easy Move | Utah Wedding Photographer

Logan Utah wedding
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What if everyone were just as insecure as you are?⠀   Seriously. One day I was chatting with my hub about friendships. I wanted to be better friends with someone in particular, but I didn’t feel like they really wanted to be my friend. I didn’t want to be obnoxious or overbearing so I stopped […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life, Real Talk

October 15, 2019

You’re Not The Only Insecure One | Logan Utah Photographer

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Logan Utah Photographer I got a text from one of my old roommates, “Have you heard about Krista? I’m sick about it…” Instantly I felt a pit in my stomach. I got on Facebook and saw – one of my best friends was now in a coma.   She had been hit while crossing the […]

Families, Love Stories, Pilot Wife + Mom Life

July 10, 2019

For Krista | Logan Utah Photographer

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I’ve been using marketing prompts from KA Studios and one of the prompts was to write about your most embarrassing moment as a north Utah photographer. Hmm. I literally could not think of anything… until this happened! I’m grateful that the first thought that popped into my head after this was, “well now I have a […]

Business, Pilot Wife + Mom Life

December 17, 2018

North Utah Photographer | Most Embarrassing Moment

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If you’re reading this, you obviously know I’m a Logan Utah photographer. You probably know I like candid genuineness. That I love being a mom. That I’m in love with my hunky husband. But here are 10 things you may not know about me.    1. I can out eat a teenage boy when it comes […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

December 14, 2018

10 Things You May Not Know About Me | Logan Utah Photographer

Logan Utah Photographer
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This graduation is one of my personal favorites, not to be biased or anything. ???? When I first met Bryce, I was 15 and visiting my brothers in college. Since he was their roommate, I met him too. And I seriously think I fell in love with him the moment I met him. He hardly […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

October 24, 2018

Utah State Graduates | Bryce

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