Hey, I'm Lauren.

I'm an Idaho raised, Utah girl and wife to the love of my life, mama to two beautiful baby girls, girl boss with an amazing team supporting me, wedding podcaster and coach, believer and follower of Christ, and, of course, a wedding photographer!

I love telling love stories, uplifting and encouraging, and sharing what I know because sharing is caring! 

Second shooting is such an awesome opportunity. When I started as a Utah wedding photographer, I second shot at 12 weddings before with amazing photographer like Rachel before I ever did one on my own and it was SO helpful. Having a second shooter is definitely helpful as the lead photographer. It’s nice to have […]

I graduated college with a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. I’ve never taken a photography class at a school EVER – not even in high school because my high school didn’t have one. I’d only ever used a point and shoot camera or a phone until two years ago when I bought my […]

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A session with me is fun, relaxed, and candid. I know that a photograph is really just capturing the emotions you’re feeling in that moment, so I do all I can to make it a great experience. Before every session, I cover a few things to help educate and put you at ease:   I […]

Question: “Why don’t I get all the images from my photoshoot back?”   Answer: My husband used to think the same thing! I didn’t understand why the photographer didn’t just send me all the photos they took back to me. They took them, I wanted them, so why not? I’ve come a long way.   […]

One of the greatest things you can do to prepare for any photo session is relax. Getting to a photo session usually is a little stressful. Getting your hair and makeup all ready, coordinating outfits – by the time you arrive, it’s not uncommon to be a little short with each other and a little […]

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Question: “Why is photography so expensive?”   Answer: I’m going to be totally honest. I feel different than a lot of other photographers, because most have always valued photography. For me, it’s a more recent development. Before I got into photography, I was suuuper cheap. I was so focused on getting the best deal I […]

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I’ve been using marketing prompts from KA Studios and one of the prompts was to write about your most embarrassing moment as a north Utah photographer. Hmm. I literally could not think of anything… until this happened! I’m grateful that the first thought that popped into my head after this was, “well now I have a […]

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I love every type of session because capturing moments is really what I love! There’s nothing like capturing a new mom and dad holding their precious baby. And little families with young kids are some of my favorite – kids’ genuineness and fun playing is priceless. The love and adventure of giddy couples is so […]

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As a Logan Utah Photographer, I know you have lots of options to choose from. So many that booking a photographer is scary. It’s unknown. You don’t know what to expect. Unless it’s someone you know, all you have to go off of is their website and social media. I booked my wedding photographer solely […]

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One of the hardest parts about pictures is deciding what everyone is going to wear! Right?! I’ve been there – laying out countless combos on the bed, sifting through everyone’s closets – it can be stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming. But I want your experience to be just the opposite! Laid back, stress free, and […]

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