Hey, I'm Lauren.

I'm an Idaho raised, Utah girl and wife to the love of my life, mama to two beautiful baby girls, girl boss with an amazing team supporting me, wedding podcaster and coach, believer and follower of Christ, and, of course, a wedding photographer!

I love telling love stories, uplifting and encouraging, and sharing what I know because sharing is caring! 

Hands down one of the hardest parts I’ve heard of from brides planning Utah weddings is dealing with the expectations of your parents or anyone else. The pressure from mom and dad and others is so real and it’s so hard to navigate. If you’re feeling a little bogged down by what everyone expects of […]

Literally the wedding trends, traditions, advice, and norms are endless. As a part of the Utah wedding photographers I see them all. But is it really what you and your groom want?   You’ve heard it a million times that it’s YOUR wedding day. Right? But do you really believe that? Enough to go against what […]

Before I was a Wedding Photographer in Utah, deep down, I always knew I would regret the choices I was making when I planned our wedding? How? Well I call it an impression or prompting. You might call it a gut feeling or instinct or emotion. Whatever it is, those feelings are trying to communicate […]

Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 5: 2 Keys to a Regret Free Wedding   There are so many things that lead to a regret free wedding that becomes a memory you can cherish forever. That’s what this wedding planning podcast is all about! There are two things you can do right now, though, that will […]

Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 4: 5 Secrets For The Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make – the marriage decision How on earth do you know if they’re the “right one”? The marriage decision is THE biggest decision you will ever make. And it’s hard! And people don’t really talk about how hard it can […]

Bride Guide #68 is all about relaxing because you made it this far by Farmington UT Wedding Photographer Lauren Kay Photography. Girl, you made it through this book. That is saying something! That tells me that you are a bride who is intentional and dedicated to making her wedding as special as possible. That tells […]

Bride Guide #67 Gives you 10 tips on having a Winter Wedding by Paradise UT Wedding Photographer Lauren Kay Photography. Are you having a winter wedding? Winter weddings can still be incredibly gorgeous! They may be cold, but don’t let that discourage you. 1. Wear warm clothing for your engagements. Cute sweaters, beanies, boots. Embrace […]

Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 3: Why Your Wedding Even Matters from Utah Wedding Photographer Lauren Kay Photography   It’s just a day, right? Your wedding is just a day! Yes, it is. But when I was engaged, I didn’t realize just how important a wedding day really is. As brides, we get so busy […]

Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 2: The Biggest Takeaway From This Entire Podcast   Hey guys, in this episode of The Regret Free Wedding Podcast, I’m divulging the BIGGEST thing you can take away from the entire podcast. Might seem counterintuitive? Well, listen and you’ll find out.   Weddings are so influenced by culture, tradition, […]

Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 1: The Shocking Truth You May Not Know The fact that you’re tuning into this podcast shows that YOU ARE going to plan a regret free wedding. You have the willingness and I have the know-how. Throughout this podcast I’m going to give you the tools you need to plan […]

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