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Hands down one of the hardest parts I’ve heard of from brides planning Utah weddings is dealing with the expectations of your parents or anyone else. The pressure from mom and dad and others is so real and it’s so hard to navigate. If you’re feeling a little bogged down by what everyone expects of […]

Bride Guide, The Regret Free Wedding Podcast

August 17, 2020

What About Mom? (Or Anyone Else) | Utah Weddings

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It’s not every day as a Utah Valley Wedding Photographer that you get invited to the sealing of your couple. To say it was a treat would be an understatement. With COVID, the amount of people allowed in a sealing at the temple is limited and only those in attendance are allowed on the grounds […]

Love Stories

August 14, 2020

Alex + Josh | Utah Valley Wedding Photographer

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Literally the wedding trends, traditions, advice, and norms are endless. As a part of the Utah wedding photographers I see them all. But is it really what you and your groom want?   You’ve heard it a million times that it’s YOUR wedding day. Right? But do you really believe that? Enough to go against what […]

Bride Guide, The Regret Free Wedding Podcast

August 10, 2020

You Do You | Utah Wedding Photographers

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He turned around and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger, more genuine smile. Jordan’s face lit up with the happiest smile the second he saw Jessica for the first time in her wedding dress. I asked him later, after their ceremony, how he felt and he said, “so happy”, and it was so […]

Love Stories

August 5, 2020

Jessica + Jordan | SLC Utah Mountain Wedding

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Before I was a Wedding Photographer in Utah, deep down, I always knew I would regret the choices I was making when I planned our wedding? How? Well I call it an impression or prompting. You might call it a gut feeling or instinct or emotion. Whatever it is, those feelings are trying to communicate […]

Bride Guide, The Regret Free Wedding Podcast

August 3, 2020

You Know Exactly What To Do | Wedding Photographer Utah

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Alex and Josh have one of the cutest stories I’ve heard as a Salt Lake Utah wedding photographer. Alex’s friend mentioned Josh in passing and Alex decided to do her research. 😉  She looked him up and later saw him on the Mutual app. They went on their first date and played pickleball, got slurpees, […]

Love Stories

July 31, 2020

Alex + Josh | Salt Lake Utah Wedding Photographer

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She walked out of the house and everyone went crazy. The screaming and cheers were so loud they drowned out the music. Keirra literally looked like an island princess as she walked down the steps in her traditional dress for her Siva Samoa dance. All the people there to support her and Jack went wild. […]

Love Stories

July 29, 2020

Jack + Keirra | Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Wedding

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Regret Free Wedding Podcast Episode 5: 2 Keys to a Regret Free Wedding   There are so many things that lead to a regret free wedding that becomes a memory you can cherish forever. That’s what this wedding planning podcast is all about! There are two things you can do right now, though, that will […]

Bride Guide, The Regret Free Wedding Podcast

July 27, 2020

2 Keys To A Regret Free Wedding

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Second shooting is such an awesome opportunity. When I started as a Utah wedding photographer, I second shot at 12 weddings before with amazing photographer like Rachel before I ever did one on my own and it was SO helpful. Having a second shooter is definitely helpful as the lead photographer. It’s nice to have […]


July 24, 2020

Utah Wedding Photographer | How to Be an Awesome Second Shooter

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Since starting my business as a Layton Utah wedding photographer, things have always been tight. Within a few months of each other, we were expecting our first baby and my husband changed his major in college to aviation. We were both students. And both of us worked a few hours a week at close to […]

Pilot Wife + Mom Life

July 22, 2020

10 Budget Hacks | Layton Utah Wedding Photographer

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