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Stunning Utah Wedding Formals on the Regret Free Wedding Podcast: Episode 14: All Things Engagements, Bridals, and Wedding Day Photography continued…



Formal Session


The formal session is all about showcasing you as a bride and groom. The dress, your bouquet, your hair, your rings and all the details. I love doing formal sessions. But to be totally transparent, these pictures aren’t taken on your actual wedding day so they may not feel as meaningful. And you have to get your hair and makeup done, your dress cleaned, and purchase a second bouquet. So I realize it may not be the best option for everyone. If budget is an issue, you can make sure your timeline allows for a formal session on your actual wedding day. But if at all possible, I definitely recommend doing this session. It takes so much pressure and stress off of your actual day, you can take them during the perfect lighting, you can display them at your wedding, and you can go to a meaningful or epic location. What you choose is completely up to you.



Five tips for getting those stunning formal pictures


1. Do a first look

I am definitely a fan of doing a first look. They are such an intimate time between the two of you. And your groom can enjoy you in your dress for the first time without feeling the pressure to react for a crowd. Fair warning, first looks are fairly posed beforehand, but once he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time it is totally just a moment purely for the two of you.

2. These matter

I’ve seen so many couples, myself included, who are so stressed by everything else going on that they don’t carve out time for their pictures. They want formal pictures but then are unwilling to make sacrifices for them. Take off work, skip a class, drive a few hours, get a bouquet, have your hair and makeup done. Seriously. The sacrifices will be worth it!

3. Choose an epic or meaningful location.

Have you seen those amazing wedding pictures? Like at the top of Zion’s National Park or in Yosemite? That could be you! Go all out and have a blast with these. You can go somewhere epic like a national park, or choose somewhere meaningful to the two of you like where you got engaged or your first kiss. Then you can save the pictures at the temple or your venue for your wedding day. Wherever you choose, choose somewhere gorgeous that is your style.

4. A helping hand

If you choose to bring people along to help, I think that is great! It is definitely nice to have that extra set of eyes and hands. I do recommend that you both need to be very comfortable with the person you have coming to help. I also think that keeping your first look moment to just your photographer and videographer is best in order to keep it as intimate as possible.

5. Still carve out time on your wedding day

You will still want pictures of just the two of you on your wedding day. There is something about the glow that comes right after marriage that just cannot be duplicated! Even if you are doing a formal session, husband and wife pictures on the day of your wedding are a must. And if possible, I recommend carving out time on your timeline during sunset (the best lighting) for these.


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5 Tips for Stunning Utah Wedding Formals

March 27, 2021


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